Fairy Card Collection: Winter Wonder

It's Christmas eve today!

I wanted to post more stuff about making Christmas cards but life has been hectic and I left the cards for the last minute. But I did manage to get some pictures of the cards soooo...

I present you the Winter Wonder collection!

For this years Christmas cards I decided to use a winter theme with lots of icy blue colours instead of the regular red-green-white jolly reindeer and elves. I love the way the scrapping came out! The 3D effect created by the wooden snowflakes and diamonds is great. The fairies aren't as good because I did them in a hurry (and I think you can tell!)

This is a short post once again but hopefully my next post will be a bit more accurate. I might do a follow-up on the Christmas cards later too.

If you haven't checked out my YouTube channel yet, please do check it out here! ♥

Have a great Christmas, everyone!



I'm starting my own VLOG! ♥

Not many of you probably know that I'm a busy user on YouTube. However I've never uploaded a single video on said website... Until now!

The idea has been going through my mind for a long time and a few weeks ago I went and bought myself a video camera. After trying it out and finding an easy to use editing program I finally completed my first video. I decided to post it here also for you guys to see. How generous of me ♥

-So what does this mean for my current blog?

Nothing really. I'll continue to post here as regularly and irregularly as I have done before and this blog will remain as it is. I might upload some of the videos here too so that even if you don't follow me on YouTube, you'll still catch a glimpse of the "real-life-me", or so to speak. :P

My YouTube channel/username is the same as here so it'll be easy to find me there once I get started. There's a few things here and there I need to do for the actual channel, but I'll get there eventually.

Now behold! Click this link to see the first ever vlog made by yours truly; enjoy! ♥


Decorating My Everyday ♥ Labels

It's been a while since I've posted anything. But that doesn't mean I've been doing nothing!

Today I wanted to show you another Decorating My Everyday -post! So being the organized person I am, I like to label things like boxes and containers. Here are some examples of simple and cute labelling techniques you can use to brighten up your everyday life! ♥

I love tea and I always find myself trying out new tea brands and flavours. I bought these pink lidded glass containers for special loose tea. To remember which tea each one is, I labelled them and added cute pink ribbons to tie the labels on. This way it's easy to change the label when you fill the jar with another flavour!

These labels brighten up my crafting boxes! This one contains basic scrapping tools like glue, scissors and tape and some smaller decorations such as stickers, die-cuts, buttons and laces. Very handy when you want your stuff to be organized and easy to find!

This beautiful box was actually a gift box made by my lovely godmother but I took some liberties to alter it a little. I added some of the decoration lace on the bottom half and made the label too. Now this is a box for candles!

There you have a few nice examples of how to make your everyday more fun and interesting! What labels are your favourites?

I have some big news for you coming up so be sure to check back in soon!


Fairy Card Collection: Birthday

It's been a long break from blogging. I was sick for almost two weeks and have only now gotten back to normal routine. I wanted to make another post about my new Fairy Card Collection, as a step-by-step tutorial featuring my latest birthday card. This was for my sister's 23rd birthday! ♥

Add the wings last and then cut out your character. I use copic paper which is a little transparent so I always glue my character on a thicker paper or cardboard before adding her on the card.

I didn't include the scrapping part in this tutorial, but perhaps I'll concentrate on that next time. The main thing is to make sure the colours of the fairy and the card aren't miles apart and the rest is just about going crazy with your scissors! Then you should end up with something similar to this:

I used Premium Stack's Tahiti Beach Stack as the scrapping material. I thought it'd be fun if the balloons were cut-outs of the same stack but you can always draw them by hand too.

Soon it's time to do some seasonal cards. I'm really excited about Halloween and Christmas cards!


Fairy Card Collection

I meant to do this post ages ago but things have been hectic. I've now moved into my new apartment and am still settling down, and super tired, so I can't promise much posts for a little while. But here's something I've had reserved for you guys!

After I graduated I've been having a hard time getting back to arts. Now I decided to try combining scrapping and drawing with Copics! ♥ Here's my new Fairy -card collection, or at least a few samples for starters.

First is my personal favourite fairy. I especially like how the fairy came out, the outfit and the hair, but the card itself turned out surprisingly well too! This card suits any occasion and is brilliant just as a decoration too.

This card has a much more childish atmosphere and is a good birthday card for a child, or of course any animal lover too. I'm not as pleased with this one as the other ones, but the colours match and the fairy came out good too.

This card is a perfect gift for any occasion from birthdays to weddings and house warming parties -  when ever you want to give a warm congratulation to someone dear to you.

This card is more special since I made it for my friend who left a bit further away to study. I like how it turned out all in all too, especially the fairy. I really hope she likes it too!

So that's all I've got for now. I was thinking that I could do a tutorial on how to make these cards if you're interested?